Online software for home building projects.

Manage all of the the tenders, messages, files and documentation throughout the life of your project.

How can buiilt help you with your projects?


Employees, clients, builders and consultants - they are all critical to a successful project, and yet the communication channels for each is often broken and separated. Now you can connect and organise them all from one place.


Easily create and distribute a tender package in just a few clicks. Send out an addendum and monitor each of the tender submissions from a single point. Save time and money on unnecessary admin.

Emails & Files

Clever communication is critical to helping the team deliver on time and on budget. buiilt will help you to monitor the thousands of messages, drawings, files and revisions that are exchanged throughout your project.


Projects can change day-to-day and it’s imperative to update the entire team of these changes. Upload a new document, or a revision to an existing one, and the entire team is notified in real time - all without the admin.


Your project data is yours. It’s critical to your business success that you keep records of your projects. This is now as simple as clicking a button on buiilt - everything is packaged into a downloadable file and simultaneously kept online.


Because you are hosting your project in a cloud-based environment, you can access all of your information from anywhere. If you have a desktop in your office and a tablet on site, all your records are available and updated in real-time.

Team, Emails, Tasks, Files, Documentation...
All in One Place. Always Accessible.

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We are a small firm... Is this for us?

Yes. We have designed our entire product around servicing small and medium practices. We have focussed on building the features that matter most to SMB's operting in the residential building industry.

Do other parties need to pay to join my project?

No. After you decide to host your project on buiilt, any third party that you invite to your project will be able to join free of charge. This ensures your entire project team can be on the same page.

Where is my data stored?

"The Cloud" - we know - Buzzword... But seriously, in order for you to access all of your information from wherever you are, we host everything on industry leading, secure, offsite infrastructure.

I'm not so sure about having my data hosted off-site?

We understand. There are legal requirements to take in to account... All of your data is backed-up multiple times throughout a 24-hour period and you always have the ability to generate your own backup on demand.

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